Your Ai Journalist

The future of interviewing.


Interviewing Made Easy


The future of Interviews.

Let JournaBot, your own personal Ai Journalist interview for you. Making it the smartest and easiest choice when doing interviews. Leaving you more time, to do what you do best.


Smart Interviewing.

The perfect way to get your questions answered quickly and easily. You supply the questions, we provide your own personal Ai journalist, and the rest is done by the power of Ai and us.


Increase Conversions.

Perfect for journalists, companies and recruitment services looking to find the quickest and easiest way to interview. Interviewees interact with your Ai JournaBot through 'live' chat directly from their phone or via their desktop. Leaving you to spend time building your businesses.

 Ai 'Live' Chat

Let your interviewees talk to your own Ai JournoBot anywhere, anytime & on any device.

24/7 Interaction

Never worry about scheduling your interviews.
Let JournaBot run your interviews 24/7.

Human-Like Experience

Discover the power of an Ai Journalist that
interacts like a 'human' with your Interviewees.

Want a JournaBot?

Increase productivity and management with your own JournaBot.

Create Your Next Campaign.

Let JournaBot create and handle your next interview campaign. Get your questions answered quickly and easily by one of the Ai JournaBots. Take the stress out of having to interview multiple times with the help of Ai, just like Founder@ did.

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